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Dear music fans,

It’s not every artist who can effortlessly glide between genres and be a superstar at all of them – so we are celebrating the talented grooves of UMPG artist Bootsy Collins with this month’s UMPG podcast!

Whether it’s his undeniably classic work with Parliament and Bootsy’s Rubber Band, or his collaborations with electronica favorite Fatboy Slim on dancefloor phenoms like “Weapon of Choice”, OR the countless bands and solo artists who have sampled his trademark funky bass like in party favorites such as “The Humpty Dance” - Bootsy’s legend just gets cooler by the year.

Check out these tracks both by Bootsy and by the artists who have paid him the ultimate tribute of sampling his music. And as always, let us know if you’d like to hear more of these tracks or Bootsy’s work in general.

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 1. Weapon of Choice - FATBOY SLIM
 2. Illuminati - FATBOY SLIM
 4. Freak Like Me - ADINA HOWARD
 5. What So Never The Dance - BOOTSY COLLINS
 6. Flashlight - PARLIAMENT
 7. I’d Rather Be With You - BOOTSY'S RUBBER BAND
 8. Stretchin’ Out In A Rubber Band - BOOTSY COLLINS
 9. Be-With-You - BOOTSY COLLINS

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