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Welcome to the February 2007 edition of the UMPG podcast!

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This month, we feature a wide variety of new tunes for you. From the new rave sounds of Klaxons to the indie-power pop of Sugarplum Fairy and much more! Here's the scoop on this edition's bands:

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Melody Club "Destiny Calling" - Melody Club
This single took Melody Club's native Sweden by storm last year - we think you'll like it, too. Dripping with synth, NME declared this band "Abba with balls". I don't think we can give a better description than that.
Mandy Moore "Extraordinary" - Mandy Moore
Mandy has grown up to be more than the teen pop star we knew in the late '90's- her upcoming release shows a new fresh and mature approach to her songwriting - which she did along with great artists like The Weepies, Rachel Yamagata, and Lori McKenna. Check out the great chorus to this song - we love the lyrics.
Sugarplum Fairy "She" - Sugarplum Fairy
Every once in a while, a song comes along with such a killer, catchy hook (not to mention an unforgettable, sing-along-able refrain) that we get sucked into it like a dust bunny into the dustbuster. This is one of those songs.
MIKA "Love Today" - MIKA
While Melody Club were busy conquering Sweden, Mika has been taking over the UK - his new release Life In Cartoon Motion has now hit our shores, too! An irresistible treat of pop and rock that you won't soon forget - we predict you'll be hearing a lot more about Mika.
Klaxons "Magick" - Klaxons
This UK band has also been causing an undeniable ruckus in their native land with what is being called their "new rave" sound - the frenetic dance-punk numbers are filling clubs and dance floors as well as racing up the UK charts. Bring on the glow sticks, we say!
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