Art Brut Art Brut - "Good Weekend"
NME said this about their album Bang Bang Rock and Roll: "What a great record this is: crude, snarky, instantly memorable, full of great lines." We agree and think you’ll be hooked by both their energy and their clever lyricism!
PLAYING 3/15 at Emo’s Annex at 8:30 PM and The Parish at 1 AM, 3/16 at Victory Grill (set time TBD, VICE Party is from 12-6 PM), 3/17 at Emo’s Annex at 5:30 PM, & 3/18 at Beauty Bar (set time TBD, party is from 1-6 PM)

Brazilian Girls Brazilian Girls - "Don’t Stop"
Innovative, exotic and worldly, Brazilian Girls have been making their mark since the release of their 2005 self-titled debut CD, which is full of both dance hooks and smooth sounds.
PLAYING 3/16 at Fox and Hound at 12:30 AM & 3/17 at Eternal (set time TBD)

Guillemots Guillemots - "Made Up Love Song #43"
Starry-eyed lovers, look no further than these UK weavers of orchestral and bright romantic pop with the occasional jazz feel. BBC News just named them #6 on their list of the "Sound of 2006" after a survey of 100 music critics and broadcasters.
PLAYING 3/16 at Eternal at 8 PM & 3/17 at Victory Grill (set time TBD, VICE Party is from 12-6 PM)

Jim Noir Jim Noir - "Key of C"
Familiar and fresh at the same time, Jim Noir has an innovative way of taking sparkling pop harmonies of the past and turning them into bright, shiny modern gems that make you want to skip-rope down your block and sing along.
PLAYING 3/16 at The Victory Grill at 1:30 PM, 3/17 at Pok-E-Joe’s BBQ at 1 PM, 3/17 at Blender Bar at 10 PM, & 3/18 at McCormick’s at 9 PM

Magnet Magnet - "Believe"
Always one of our favorite artists to see live, Even Johansen (Magnet) brings a delicate and inventive approach to an acoustic setting - his new album The Tourniquet out on Filter Records manages to accomplish both new anthemic heights and a warm cinematic feel.
PLAYING 3/16 at Urban Outfitters (set time TBD, party is from 12-4 PM), 3/16 at The 18th Floor at Capitol Place at 9 PM, & 3/17 at Cedar Street at 2:30 PM

Gemma Hayes Gemma Hayes - "Something In My Way"
This entrancing Irish singer-songwriter writes songs from the heart and has been swooped up in the past for tours by popular demand by artists like Sparklehorse and David Gray. We think her reflective tone and driving melodies will captivate you, too!
PLAYING 3/16 at BD Riley’s at 1:45 PM, 3/17 at Lawn of Four Seasons at 12:15 PM, & 3/17 at Soho Lounge at 10 PM

The Longcut The Longcut - "A Quiet Life"
All the way from Manchester, UK, The Longcut makes wiry dance-rock and takes it to a furious and intense place. You won’t want to miss their live show!
PLAYING 3/17 at Mean-Eyed Cat at 8 PM & 3/18 at Exodus
at 11 PM
Chamillionaire Chamillionaire - "Void In My Life"
This "Mixtape Messiah," as he’s known in the Houston hip hop scene, is taking the industry by storm this year! His album The Sound of Revenge is introducing him to the masses as the next big thing from the city that has already brought stars like Mike Jones and Paul Wall.
PLAYING 3/15 at Back Room at 1:15 AM
World Party World Party - "What Does It Mean Now"
This inventive group (led by former Waterboy Karl Wallinger) is finally getting a stateside release for their ’60’s influenced album Dumbing Up - and what better way to kick off the release than SXSW!
PLAYING 3/15 at Exodus at 11 PM
Grand National Grand National - "North Sound Off"
This awesome UK band got their start as a Police cover band. Their album Playing In The Distance carries some of that same angular guitar sound that Sting & Co made popular - but with a modern texture and a great energy live!
PLAYING 3/16 at Spiro’s Patio at 10 PM
The Hellacopters The Hellacopters - "Make It Tonight"
These Swedes have been making awesome garage punk since the mid 1990’s, and if you don’t know them, it’s way past time for you to discover their dynamic sound!
PLAYING 3/18 at Emo’s Main Room at 12 AM
Bromheads Jacket Bromheads Jacket - "What If’s & Maybes"
Named as a favorite by their fellow Sheffield, UK residents Arctic Monkeys, these high energy punks are starting to generate the same type of buzz! Definitely a "Must See" band for SXSW.
PLAYING 3/15 at The Parish II at 1:30 AM
Sam Roberts Sam Roberts - "The Gate"
Sam Roberts’ upcoming album, Chemical City, is a psychedelic road trip down highways and byways and back again. Expect to feel like you’re in an arena-sized show when you’re watching one of Canada’s finest rockers!
PLAYING 3/18 at Momo’s at 11 PM

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