Ash - Meltdown Ash - "Meltdown"
On their first US tour in two years, Ash have beefed up their trademark punchy, dripping-with-hooks sound and return with a fist-pounding new album Meltdown, released March 8th on Record Collection.

Blue Merle - Burning In The Sun Blue Merle - "Burning In The Sun"
Blending traditional acoustic instruments with Luke Reynold's captivating tenor voice makes for an astonishing and ethereal debut album out on Island Def Jam, also titled Burning In The Sun.

Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot Kaiser Chiefs - "I Predict A Riot"
These boys from Leeds, UK started a fire in late 2004 with their single "I Predict A Riot", but the Jam-influenced gems don't stop there on their album Employment, which will be released March 15th on Universal Records.

Magnet - Where Happiness Lives Magnet - "Where Happiness Lives"
Expect nothing more than stunning, gentle songwriting that will melt your heart from Norway's Even Johansen. His 2004 release On Your Side released on BMG/ Filter won the affection of both critics and audiences everywhere.

The Glitterati - Gimme What's Yours The Glitterati - "Gimme What's Yours"
Glam rock is what these rockers from Leeds, UK aim for - look for their full length album later this year on Atlantic (UK) with production assistance from the very hands that molded the trademark GNR sound.

The Longcut - Transition The Longcut - "Transition"
The Longcut delivered their Transition EP on Deltasonic Records (UK) in 2004. It's chock-full of the trademark Manchester sound with a modern take - dancy guitars and signature shouty vocals make them one of the bands we're looking most forward to hearing more of in 2005.

Ulrich Schnauss - Letter From Home Ulrich Schnauss - "Letter From Home"
German electronic composer Ulrich's love of all things shoegazer (with heavy nods to scene favorites My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, and Ride) comes out on his delicate yet strong album A Strangely Isolated Place, out on Domino Records.
The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Bigtime The Soundtrack of Our Lives - "Bigtime"
The live show of these Swedish rockers is highly recommended - their high-energy riffs and redefinition of classic rock and roll will thrill even the harshest critic. Expect great things from the upcoming release Origin Vol. 1, available on Universal March 15th.
Surferosa - Lucky Lipstick Surferosa - "Lucky Lipstick"
These Nordic synth masters are led by the enigmatic Mariann, who oozes traces of Blondie and The Go-Go's. Just try not to dance out of your hot pink legwarmers to their 2004 album released on Versity Records, Shanghai My Heart...

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