Roger Hodgson’s "Give a Little Bit" (Hodgson/ Davies) is a timeless classic that also captures the spirit of the times with its message of giving and helping to bring peace and unity. "Give a Little Bit" (Hodgson/ Davies) was a brilliant expression of love and healing when it first became a hit in 1977 for the legendary progressive rock band Supertramp. And the song by Roger Hodgson (co-written by Richard Davies), one of the most gifted songwriters and lyricists of our day, is now being recognized as an anthem for Tsunami Relief efforts and a catalyst for unifying international charity projects. Its universal message is touching hearts around the world as it reminds us how we can each make a difference through the simple act of sharing our love and care, through giving a little bit of ourselves to others.

Roger wrote "Give a Little Bit" when he was in his teens, over 30 years ago.

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