1. Morning Sun - Plump DJs

Label: Finger Lickin'
(Rous/ Rhodes/ Gardner)
 2. Cherry Tree - Grand National

Label: Sundays Best
(Lyddon/ Rudd)
 3. Why Do You Have to Be Me? - Whitey

Label: PPQ
 4. Electronic Civil Disobedience - Apollo 440

Label: Sony
(Noko/ Gray/ Gray/ Dunne)
 5. Finally Woken - Jem

Label: ATO
(Griffiths/ Griffin)
 6. All for a Reason - Haven

Label: Radiate/Virgin
(Briggs/ Wason/ Gronow/ Mitchell)
 7. Darts of Pleasure - Franz Ferdinand

Label: Epic
(Huntley/ McCarthy/ Hardy/ Thompson)
 8. The Space Between - Zero 7

Label: Elektra
(Binns/ Hardaker/ Dickow)
 9. Brighter Than the Sun - LHB

Label: Telstar
(Wilson-Wolfe/ Barton/ Raissa)
10. Hands Up - Super Preachers

Label: Hazelwood
(Carles/ Ringot)
 11. X Dummy - Trash Palace

Label: Artful
 12. Psychoflute - Mardi Gras.bb

Label: Universal
 13. Don't Think the Way They Do - Span

Label: Universal
(Benhoft/ Nilsen/ Wallumrod/ Stavnes)
 14. Fruit Fly - Kool Aide Acid Test

Label: Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics
(Steenkist/ Ter Horst)
 15. Wash in the Rain - A Band of Bees

Label: Astralwerks
(Butler/ Fletcher/ Birkin/ Hampshire)
 16. Seventeen Years - Ratatat

Label: XL Recordings
(Stroud/ Mast)

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