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 1. Everybody's Got Summer - Atlantic Starr
Label: Arista
(Pierce/ Trevisick/ Record/ Sanders)

 2. All Summer Long -
The Beach Boys
Label: Capitol
(Wilson/ Love)

 3. Summertime - The Sundays
Label: Geffen
(Gavurin/ Wheeler)

 4. Feels Like Summer - Sing-Sing
Label: Bella Union
(Anderson/ James)

 5. Cruel Summer - Bananarama
Label: London
(Jolley/ Swain/ Fahey/ Woodward/ Dallin)

 6. Summer Means Fun -
The Fantastic Baggys
Label: Imperial / EMI
(Barri/ Sloan)

 7. Feels Like Summer - Al Green
Label: Hi Records

 8. Summer - War
Label: Avenue Records
(Allen/ Brown/ Dickerson/ Jordan/ Miller/ Oskar/ Scott/ Goldstein)

 9. Once Upon a Summertime - Astrud Gilberto
Label: Verve
(Legrand/ Barclay/ Marnay/ Mercer)

 10. My Summer Love -
Ruby & The Romantics
Label: MCA
(Garson/ Hilliard)

 11. Summertime - The Troggs
Label: Universal
(Presley/ Bond/ Murray)

 12. Here Comes the Summer -
The Undertones
Label: Rykodisc

 13. Summer of Love - Swirl 360
Label: Mercury
(Hudson/ Dudas/ Scott/ Scott)

 14. Summertime -
Another Level feat. TQ
Label: Arista
(Rasheed/ Quaites)

 15. Summer Sun - 4 Strings
Label: Spinnin' Records
(Resoort/ Loechel)

 16. Magic - The Cars
Label: Elektra/ Asylum

 17. Summer Girl - Jessica Andrews
Label: Dreamworks Group Nashville
(Chagnon/ Andrews/ Slater)

 18. Once Upon a Summertime - The Innocence Mission
Label: Badman
(Barclay/ Legrand/ Marnay/ Mercer)

 19. It Must be Summer - Fountains of Wayne
Label: Atlantic
(Schlesinger/ Collingwood)

 20. Summertime - The Potbelleez
Label: Vicious
(Murphy/ Greene/ Kidron/ Lock)

 21. Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
Label: Jive
(Smith/ Mahone/ Simpkins/ Bell/ Bell/ Brown/ Mickens/ Smith/ Taylor/ Thomas/ Westfield)

 22. Summertime -
The Pretty Things
Label: Recall
(May/ Tolson/ Waller)

 23. Love is Easy in the Summertime - The Stabilisers
Label: Wicked Cool Records
(Bott/ Crockford/ Braithwaite/ Corbey)

 24. Fun in the Sun - Steve Harwell
Label: Disney
(Nevil/ Gerrard/ Harwell)

 25. I Live for the Sun - The Sunrays
Label: Tower

 26. Let the Sunshine In -
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames
Label: Imperial
(Barberis/ Randazzo/ Weinstein)
 27. Everyday Sunshine - Fishbone
Label: Columbia

 28. Hello Sunshine - Jimmy Cliff
Label: A&M

 29. Was a Sunny Day - Paul Simon
Label: Warner Bros.

 30. The Warmth of the Sun -
The Beach Boys
Label: Capitol
(Wilson/ Love)

 31. Everything Is Sunshine -
The Hollies
Label: Parlophone
(Clarke/ Hicks/ Nash)

 32. Brighter Than the Sun - LHB
Label: Telstar
(Wilson-Wolfe/ Barton/ Raissa)

 33. Sun Machine - Dario G
Label: Kinetic
(Spencer/ Spencer/ Rosser/ Bowie)

 34. Stay in the Sun - Kenickie
Label: EMI
(Gofton/ Gofton)

 35. Melting in the Sun - INXS
Label: ATCO
(Farriss/ Hutchence/ Farriss)

 36. Into the Next Sun -
The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Label: Universal
(Lundberg/ Barjed/ Gustafsson/ Person/ Sandsten/ Hederos)

 37. Orpheus - Ash
Label: Record Collection

 38. A Place in the Sun -
Pablo Cruise
Label: A&M
(Cockrell/ Lerios)

 39. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
Label: Columbia

 40. Hey Sunshiney Day -
The Bravery

Label: Island Def Jam
(Conway/ Endicott)

 41. (Loving You Is) Sunshine - Barbara Fairchild

Label: Columbia

 42. Sunshine - Orba Squara
Label: Res Freq / UMPG

 43. Trust the Sun - Postulat
Label: Humphrey Industries / UMPG
(Holmes Kemp/ Dyrud)

 44. Beautiful Sunshine - Real
Label: Smooch
(Pollock/ Rollins)

 45. Here Comes the Sunshine - Love, Inc.
Label: BMG
(Sheppard/ Degiorgio/ Ries)

 46. In the City -
The Cocktail Slippers
Label: Wicked Cool Records
(Bendiksen/ Kleivan/ Simensen/ Waller)

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