1. Pick a Part That's New -

Label: V2
(Jones/ Jones/ Cable)
 2. Because We Can - Fatboy Slim

Label: Astralwerks
 3. Do Your Thing -
Basement Jaxx

Label: Astralwerks
(Buxton/ Ratcliffe/ Mitchell)
 4. You Can Do It - Al Hudson & The Partners

Label: Universal
(Myers/ McCord)
 5. New Attitude - Patti LaBelle

Label: Universal
(Robinson/ Gilutin/ Hull)
 6. You Can Get It If You Really Want - Jimmy Cliff

Label: Island
 7. Do Anything You Wanna Do - Eddie & The Hot Rods

Label: Universal
(Hollis/ Douglas)
 8. Do Anything You Want To -
Thin Lizzy

Label: Universal
 9. Do What You Want to Do - Vitamin C

Label: Elektra
(Fitzpatrick/ Deutsch/ Elliott/ Jacobs/ Woodford/ Ivey/ Collins/ Clinton Jr./ Worrell)
 10. Do What You Wanna Do - T-Connection

Label: TK / WEA
 11. You Gotta Do It - Tokyo Sex Destruction

Label: B-Core Disc
(Campana/ Bellon/ Pujadas/ Cortinas)
 12. Got to Do It -
Andrew W.K.

Label: Island Def Jam
 13. Great Things - Echobelly

Label: Rhythm King
(Johansson/ Madan)
 14. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now -
Papa Dee

Label: Warner Bros.
(Wahlgren/ McFaul)
 15. I've Got a Way of My Own -
The Hollies

Label: EMI
(Clarke/ Hicks/ Nash)
 16. Do the Best You Can -
The Hollies

Label: EMI
(Clarke/ Hicks/ Nash)
 17. Pick Yourself Up -
Frank Sinatra

Label: Capitol
(Fields/ Kern)
 18. Carry On - Jean Knight

Label: Fantasy
 19. Golden - Jill Scott

Label: Hidden Beach
(Scott/ Robinson/ Robinson/ Bell)
 20. Respect Yourself -
The Staple Singers

Label: Atlantic
(Ingram/ Rice)
 21. Do Your Thing - Isaac Hayes

Label: Reprise/WEA
 22. We Will Be Strong - Thin Lizzy

Label: Universal
 23. This Is How We Do It -
Montell Jordan

Label: PMP
(Jordan/ Pierce/ Walters)
 24. Together We Can -
The Cheetah Girls

Label: Hollywood
(Lee/ Turbitt/ Robinson)
 25. Don't Give Up - Petula Clark

Label: Sony BMG
(Hatch/ Harvey)
 26. Respect - Aretha Franklin

Label: Rhino
 27. What I Am - Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

Label: Geffen
(Aly/ Brickell/ Bush/ Houser/ Withrow)
 28. Not That Kind - Anastacia

Label: Epic
(Newkirk/ Wheaton/ Young)
 29. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Label: Universal
(Perren/ Fekaris)
 30. She Works Hard for the Money - Donna Summer

Label: Mercury
(Omartian/ Summer)
 31. Who's That Girl - Eve

Label: Interscope
(Jeffers/ Harris/ Dean/ Jackson)
 32. I Am Woman - Helen Reddy

Label: Warner Bros.
(Reddy/ Burton)
 33. Happy Girl - Martina McBride

Label: RCA
(Roboff/ Chapman)
 34. She Said - Brie Larson

Label: Universal
(Robbins/ Frank/ Sheyne)
 35. I Can Do It (Watch Me Now) - Elin Lanto

Label: Universal
(Anderson/ Hudson)
 36. So Good - Rachel Stevens

Label: Polydor
(Robinson/ Gabriel)
 37. Paid My Dues - Anastacia

Label: Epic
(Newkirk/ Lawson/ Sharpe/ Kafi)
 38. You Can't Stop Me -
The Faders

Label: Polydor
(Eker/ Taylor/ Taylor/ Parker)
 39. Alright Alright (Here's My Fist Where's the Fight) -
Sahara Hotnights

Label: Jetset
(Andersson/ Forsman/ Asplund/ Asplund)
 40. Come Along - Titiyo

Label: Lava
(Svensson/ Berg)
 41. Finally Woken - Jem

Label: ATO
(Griffiths/ Griffin)
 42. I'm Free - Stephanie Bentley

Label: Universal Music Publishing
(Bentley/ Silver)
 43. Wildflower - Valerie Etienne

Label: Clean Up Records
(Sturken/ Rogers/ Etienne)
 44. How Strong - Sheila Nicholls

Label: Hollywood Records
(Nicholls/ Ballard)
 45. Believe in Me - Raw Stylus

Label: Geffen
(Brookes/ Gardier/ Oakenfull)
 46. She's Not Just Another Woman - The 8th Day

Label: Holland Group
(Dunbar/ Wilson)
 47. Mama's Little Girl -
Dusty Springfield

Label: Universal
(Lambert/ Potter)
 48. Super Woman - Brian Holland

Label: Holland Group
(Holland/ Holland)
 49. These Days - Mis-teeq

Label: Sony BMG
(Brant/ Glass/ St. Louis)
 50. Sky - Sonique

Label: Universal
(Clarke/ Nowels)
 51. I Will Survive -
Stephanie Bentley

Label: Universal Music Publishing
(Bentley/ Teren/ Baxter)

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