The Stabilisers The Stabilisers - "Love Is Easy In The Summertime"
If you take a dash of 60's American garage rock, then throw in a heavy dose of excellent 70's British punk rock like Buzzcocks, you'll end up with something close to The Stabilisers. It's one of the newest releases on the legendary Little Steven's Wicked Cool Records and RIDICULOUSLY catchy the instant it starts - no anticipation with this one.

Eve Eve - "Tambourine"
This new single from Eve featuring Swizz Beatz has us stuffing the ballot box for "Best Summer Jam" and trying to figure out how to turn up the bass on our stereos!

The Maccbees The Maccabees - "Precious Time"
It seems like there are so many good bands pouring into the US from the UK these days. What makes The Maccabees different is a certain unity and energy and more important, true heart, in their songs... This track wears its heart on its sleeve while still succeeding in getting you to tap your foot - no easy feat (no pun intended!).

Seahorses Seahorses - "Love Is The Law"
Speaking of UK bands, it's time now to dive back to a 1990's classic. John Squire from Stone Roses started the short-lived Seahorses, and you can definitely hear some of that distinctive Roses sound. It's hard not to love the triumphant chorus.

Grace Grace - "Stand Still"
This track from London band Grace is reminiscent of other emotive bands like Coldplay and Keane, who know the fine and beautiful art of a great song build and exploding, exciting choruses.

Magnet Magnet - "The Gospel Song"
Magnet, aka Norwegian artist Even Johansen, has been captivating our ears and our stereos for a few years here. He's finally back with a new release The Simple Life and we love the laidback handclapping attitude to this song.
Newton Faulkner Newton Faulkner - "All I Got"
Hotly tipped UK songwriter Newton Faulkner brings an easy feeling to your ears - you could easily compare it to a less beachy Jack Johnson or a less serious Snow Patrol - somewhere in that middle lies Newton.
Just Jack Just Jack - "Glory Days"
UK street troubadour Just Jack is quite the wordsmith, as you can hear in this catchy, summery tribute to a good day.
Paul Kelly The Nextmen feat. Ty - "Get Over It"
This upbeat track from The Nextmen is a bleacher-shaker for sure - Hands in the air and get ready, because the party has been started!
Sidewinder Sidewinder - "Intensify"
You may have heard from UMPG artist M. Craft via our favorites in the past - this is his earlier Australian band and it's completely worth revisiting! Super catchy and intense, Sidewinder have a great psychedelic sound.
Digitalism Digitalism - "Pogo"
German indie-electronic stars Digitalism aren't too far from the camp of artists like Justice and Klaxons - "Pogo" is simultaneously a reminder of the days of New Order and modern indie rock sensibility.
Dizzee Rascal Dizzee Rascal - "Flex"
UK hip hop innovator Dizzee Rascal is back with a new release Maths + English, and it's as ridiculous and eclectic as expected! This track teeters on the line between hip hop and dance.
Alex Lloyd Alex Lloyd - "Peepshow"
Alex Lloyd is one of our favorite Australian artists, and we recently re-discovered this sexy little indie power-pop track. We love his usual heartfelt songs, but this one steers into the night-time!
Mr. Hudson & The Library Mr. Hudson & The Library - "Picture of You"
UK band Mr. Hudson & The Library bring a bright new sound - hip hop production lays the foundation for their sensitive indie pop sound. They even have a steel drum in the band - very cool. This is a really beautiful song about keeping memories of the ones you love close to your heart.
Mardi Gras Bb. Mardi Gras. BB - "Herb Cooky (More Cookies Remix)"
Somehow, unexplainably, the sound of New Orleans found its way across the wide ocean to Germany, and Mardi Gras. BB scooped it up and made it their own. This fun remix takes their quirky sound and takes it to an entirely new place.
The Len Price 3 The Len Price 3 - "Turn Around"
Another gem from Little Steven's Wicked Cool label, it was almost impossible to pick a favorite track from The Len Price 3 collection! After intense office deliberation, it was decided that "Turn It Around" should be that track - ultimately, we were won over by the very hooky chorus!
Four Tet Four Tet - "Everything Is Alright"
This favorite from Four Tet's 2001 release Pause is obviously not a new favorite, but it's one that sticks out nonetheless. Maybe it's the way that the UK laptop genius manipulates electronic music and gives it a soul and heart - or the DJ Shadow-esque melding of genres, but we love it.
Miles Davis Miles Davis - "Freddie Freeloader"
It goes without saying that Miles Davis was one of the most influential players in the modern jazz world. "Freddie Freeloader" is from his unforgettable classic Kind of Blue.
Tony Hatch Tony Hatch - "Ghost Squad"
And finally! We end our favorites this time with a quirky little track you probably haven't heard before from the man most famous for his hit-making collaborations with Ms. Petula Clark.

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